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At Live Uniform, we know and understand that a smart uniform makes a child feel confident and empowered. Uniforms make all the students feel a sense of solidarity and build the team spirit. Plus, the school uniform reflects on the values and standards of the school. So, the uniforms that the students wear should look smart, offer a comfortable fit, and hold up to rugged use. At UNIPRO, we keep all these factors in mind while designing and producing school uniforms that are functionally superior.


One of the unique features of our services is that we have a dedicated account manager for your school. From the time you place your order for school uniforms online to the time we deliver it to your school, our account manager will liaise with you. So, if you have any questions about your order or design, you will know whom to contact directly.

Live Uniform aims to be one of the best school uniform suppliers in India. Customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance for us. So, if you are looking for professionally-designed uniforms in custom sizes, made of quality fabrics, place your order .


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