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I get calls back from customers who are just as thrilled as I am after having their windows cleaned! Thank you shiny window cleaning for making me look as good as my windows do. At Campbell Corporation, we are experts in the installation of one way film for windows and all other types of privacy window films. Contact us today for more information or for a consultation. When you order your security screen to fit your windows and doors, you have more control over the quality. If you notice any imperfections or the screen does not fit on the first try, you are in the position to demand a better product.

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  • As Fresno’s oldest glass shop, we dedicate ourselves to provide our customers with the best possible service and products at competitive prices.
  • Steel Removable Window Security Bar with features of expansion, swing and removable are ideal for small windows for residential applications It is protecting from burglars and trespassers.
  • Our charcoal aluminum wire is the absolute best for visibility.
  • Put your items inside and push out all the air you can by hand.
  • Hang curtains for a decorative window covering option.
  • There is no one-solution-fits-all for when it comes to screens and it’s just one decision to make in the window buying process.

Solar screens block out light and reduce UV-ray damage to your curtains or drapery. Think carefully about the different screen varieties and find those that fit your needs. The table below shows common screen types and their average costs. Most screens are in the lower price ranges, but you will pay significantly more for large and custom screens. A year and a half ago we got the house we’re in and we decided after some research in different companies to use Eclipse Solar Screens to purchase our screens… I remember the owner came in to give us a quote right away and we decided to get all windows and our back sliding door to get solar screens installed.

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Repair and replace your curerent screens or upgrade to security screens that will help protect your home. The find more information fogging that occurs between the glass panes can’t be fixed. This is often difficult and it’s expensive if a pro does it.

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However, if your screens are in an unclean state, you may need to remove them from their frames and clean them with warm, soapy water. A pressure washer on low-pressure may be used for screens that are fixed in position and cannot be removed. Before the soap can begin to dry, turn on the hose to run at a low pressure and rinse the screen clean. If you have a nozzle set to a powerful setting, you risk loosening the screen from the spline rendering the screen saggy or creating gaps between the screen and the frame. If you don’t have a hose, you might consider running the screens through your bathroom shower with the shower head on a gentle setting to rinse them off. Need to upgrade your security door and improve your insect control?

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And of course, a lot of hard work by a group of very talented individuals. As our name suggests, we only make windows and doors. Our company is family owned and operated with industry experience since 1987. We take pride in our work and provide superior craftsmanship using the highest quality materials in the industry.

Repeat this process until the entire window is covered. Because they have holes in them, window screens won’t be able to completely block out the sun. However, they can significantly reduce the amount of light that shines through your windows. While replacing or reinstalling preexisting window screens is relatively easy, you’ll likely need to hire a professional to install new window screens. Blocking the sun from coming in through your windows can make it easier for you to see television and computer screens clearly, as well as reduce your heating and cooling costs.

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Sprayway glass cleaner is powerful, multipurpose, and inexpensive, making it great for both professional and at-home use. This aerosol formula comes in a two-pack, each with 19 ounces of cleaner. Liquid glass cleaner is the most familiar type and the handiest for everyday use around the home. Most liquid glass cleaners come in spray bottles, although a few are packaged in aerosol cans.

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Right on time, took maybe 15 minutes to replace two large screens, frame and all. We also offer a full line of window shades, blinds and shutters for you to choose from. If you want your widow screens installed quickly and right, Steve and his team will get the job done. Purchased almost 22 Window Screens for Vinyl Windows from Best Custom Screens and They did a great job at a great price. This is the number one reason why window screens saves lives! It’s crazy to think the before the early 1800’s many people died from disease because they were locked up with it inside.


Keep reading to find out how you can use this type of window film to increase your at-home privacy—without feeling like a complete shut-in. These magnetized insect screens are a high quality, great looking, flexible and highly durable. Magnetic Insect Screens guarantee only the best quality raw materials go into the custom manufacture of our DIY flyscreens. Simple to maintain & highly durable, our magnetic insect screens are ideal for those hot summer months where a steady stream of cool air is always a welcome addition inside any room. Standard windows, being of a standard size will sometimes leave gaps between the screen unit and the window. To fill in this gap, builders will use a filler or other insulator to cover those spaces.

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