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I made a bird feeder out of a branch of cypress with plenty of pine cones on it. It sat long-ways so I secured an empty sardines can on it and hung it in a tree. Squirrels are less attracted to nyjer and safflower seed, both of which have a slightly bitter taste. By using these seeds exclusively, you close the squirrel snack bar without eliminating feeding the birds. Get a domed baffle, which is a disk-like object that wraps around the pole about 6 inches below the feeder to prevent access from the ground. The baffles should be at least 15 to 18 inches wide or long to prevent squirrels from reaching around them.

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  • What I love about Wild Birds of Joy Window Bird Feeder is its compact size.
  • We also havetips on where to put your bird feeders to help keep birds safe.
  • There are hundreds of studies that discuss health benefits a person can have by exposure to nature .
  • Getting to watch birds chirping, playing, flapping their wings, and picking bits and pieces of the food in their beak.
  • It is waterproof and easy to clean but doesn’t get hot, which can be a problem with some metal feeders.
  • They are very bottom birds hence there is a need to prop their tails for balance.

It has powerful suction cups that hold the feeder firmly in place. This feeder would hold up even if there are a couple of birds fighting over the suet treat at the feeder. Correct me if I’m wrong that you struggle to attract these birds, but you definitely are here for the best suet feeder. Suet feeders have a cage design without perches that are only suitable for clinging birds like chickadees and woodpeckers. Great entertainment for kids and pets, and a wonderful way to appreciate the finer details that are hard to see from a distance. Recycled platform holds any kind of seed, suet, fruit – even nectar.

Below are different style of bird feeder plans, some simple to build and others will require more planning and time. I run a B&B and have 2 window feeders on my dining room windows. They make wonderful presents for people who have everything. Be careful these feeders are a lovely way to waste time, you may not have. What I didn’t expect were the birds to be so demanding and noisy.

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It has now broken twice, having repaired it twice, I am now contemplating whether or not to purchase a coffee bean roaster machine replacement. I know the bigger birds are hungry, too, but I simply cannot afford to keep up with their appetite and make sure there’s enough for the little ones as well. My daughter is very sad that we will have to discontinue the feeding. I bought this for my mum who has very poor sight and can hardly see the birds on the garden feeders.

You can easily remove the tray without having to remove the suction cups from the window. While I am in the kitchen or in the living room drinking a coffee I love having the privilege to enjoy the beauty of wild birds from the comfort of my house. Although not a requirement, a bonus feature would be having a one-way mirror. Because you can then approach your window while the birds eat without scaring them away.


If you don’t feel confident with making the kerf cut, the glass or plexi-glas could be mounted on the outside with sealant and large pan-head type screws to help secure it in place. Unless you live in the desert, this will just create a big mess and waste bird seed. This causes the seed to swell and block the opening and the bird seed starts to sprout, ferment and mold.

In reality, the huge majority of home owners can purchase a very good item for about $20-$60, depending on the desired capacity, style and features. In the list below, you’ll find that we have focused mainly on some of the most popular models from the large, box-shaped window mount feeder category. This is since this variety tends to be the most favored window feeding option. However, also included in the list are some models geared towards attracting some specific birds.

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That’s why we offer best quality at a competitive pricing. We recommend using straight Safflower seed to attract the most Cardinals but you can use any seed you prefer. Suets are hard fat from animals and well-loved by woodpeckers but since it is fatty so feeding them suet during the summer might not be a good idea. Depending on where you are, near wooded area or far from it, the influx of woodpeckers to your yard will be different. So, this aspect should be a consideration when buying a woodpecker feeder. Whether the birds get attracted to more expensive or cheaper feeder is not clear so do not go panic buying for the priciest one.

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Thanks to the three strong suction cups in line, the feeder can hold on to the weight of the seed, water, and the birds easily. Typically, many window bird feeders are made of very durable acrylic and carry suction cups that are used to attach them to the window. Bird watchers are often in search of window feeders that can easily attract all those colourful birds in their area. Having the right bird feeder means regular visits from their feathery friends and the easy accessibility of watching all kinds of birds without startling them. Feeder mounts to window using 100 Percentage silicone suction cups.

Let’s face it, indoor house cats don’t get a lot of excitement in their day. The best part is your cat can get very close, and the birds are never in danger. The four suction cups are very sturdy and provide a secure attachment to the window. The removable feed tray with drain holes, easy refills, overhanging roof, and the all-weather design make it a lot safer for the birds to feed safely. The removable feed tray with drainage holes means easy cleaning and moisture removal system.

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